Fire Skills

If there is one skill I recommend to learn to be more comfortable in the bush it is absolutely fire skills!  Making water potable, creating tools, keeping the things that go bump in the night away and so much more!

Shelter Building

Maintaining core temperature is critical in a survival situation.  Learn how to use your clothes, tarps, and natural resources to keep your body at a good temperature regardless of weather it's hot or cold outside.

Trapping Class

Survival is a calories game.  Meat is one of the best resources in the bush to keep you nourished.  In these classes we work with both primitive and man-made traps.  Trapping is a numbers game- come learn the best sets and techniques to acquire meat off the landscape.

Edible & Medicinal Plant Walk

Our most popular class is on edible and medicinal plants.  They are great resources that don't move as fast as animals!  Join us to learn about the abundance of food, medicine and natural resources that surround us.  By sensing, tasting and studying the plants they become interesting, intriguing and often edible!

Skills Weekends

We have varying types of weekend classes.  From Basic, Intermediate & Advance skills to more focused classes such as hunting and gathering classes, primitive weaponry and more.  Stay up-to-date by joining our Meetup.

Class Schedule

Check out our class schedule and/or join the group to make sure you don't miss out on any upcoming events!