Below are a list of common questions and answers.

Do you allow kids?

Yes!  We love teaching the young.  One child per paid adult to ensure proper attention.  If you have multiple kids and only 1 adult please reach out to discuss.  I am a Survival Merit Badge instructor for the Boyscouts in case you're looking for a patch!

Should I pay online or at the event?

Most of our classes are cash upon showing.  For weekend classes, or classes we will mark the event as RSVP.  As these events often have materials we need to bring these are paid prior to the class.

Are Dogs OK to bring?

I am definitely a dog lover.  As long as your dog is well mannered and will not interrupt class it is OK to bring dogs.  Please make sure you bring ample water,etc.

What Gear Should I Bring?

Bring YOUR gear!  It's good to have gear- it's great to know how to use it!  I recommend at least the 5 C's, or for weekends the 10 C's.  You can find a video about it here.  5 C's Video