South West Outdoor Travelers (SWOT)

Steven Willadsen is currently serving on active duty with the US Navy as a SERE Instructor, specifically in the field survival phase. He has taught over 1,100 Sailors and Marines how to procure food and water, seek shelter, signal for rescue, construct fires, evade enemy forces and return with honor from the harshest environments. In his eight and a half year career he has deployed five times around the globe to include South America, Eastern Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Born in Washington State, he has been stationed in Illinois, California, Hawaii and Florida.

We'll help you find your way.

Jeromie Jackson is founder and lead instructor at SWOT.  Growing up in the outskirts of the desert in Arizona Jeromie spent most of his waking moments chasing around animals, fishing, building shelters and camping almost every weekend.  Mr. Jackson has completed Phase I, Phase II, and the Advanced Class at the Pathfinder School.  He has been teaching wilderness and primitive skills since 2012 and attended several week-long gatherings to immerse himself in many of the skills being lost in today's society.  He has instructed the SERE instructors on edibles, medicinals and fire skills and was written about for taking chefs and writers into the local deserts to find tasty things to eat in the local "weeds."