San Diego Survival School



Edibles & Medicinals

Fire is an Indispensable item in survival situations.  Making water potable, creating containers, signaling, fire-hardening weapons, and safety are just a few of the benefits fire can bring.  We focus heavily on both modern and primitive methods.

There's a bounty of edible and medicinal plants all around us.  Join us to learn how to make food, medicine, weapons, cordage and other elements from resources off the landscape.


Survival is about maintaining core body temperature and staying hydrated in a short-term scenario.  Knowing how to find, build, and fortify primitive and man-made shelters is key in both hot and cold weather extremes.

Water is critical in the survival scenarios.  Finding it can be a challenge.  Processing it to make it drinkable is critical.  Animals are attracted to it.  Learning bird, plant, and terrain features can help identify potential water sources.  A great place for wild edibles, including the furry ones.