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San Diego Survival School

Wilderness Self Reliance & Primitive Skills

Fire is an Indispensable item in survival situations.  Making water potable, creating containers, signaling, fire-hardening weapons, and safety are just a few of the benefits fire can bring.  We focus heavily on both modern and primitive methods.

Survival is about maintaining core body temperature and staying hydrated in a short-term scenario.  Knowing how to find, build, and fortify primitive and man-made shelters is key in both hot and cold weather extremes.

Water is critical in the survival scenarios.  Finding it can be a challenge.  Processing it to make it drinkable is critical.  Animals are attracted to it.  Learning bird, plant, and terrain features can help identify potential water sources.  A great place for wild edibles, including the furry ones.



There's a bounty of edible and medicinal plants all around us.  Join us to learn how to make food, medicine, weapons, cordage and other elements from resources off the landscape.